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Mo’ Creatures Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4


One of the neatest things about Minecraft is the ability for the player to venture off into the wilderness and find themselves fighting against some strange and unknown creature. Even though many of the mobs in Minecraft want to hurt the player, there are many docile creatures as well. There pigs and horses to be ridden, cows and sheep to be farmed, and wolves and cats to be tamed. Even though there are tons of creatures in the game already, some players may be looking to add even more mobs to the game. For those who want to add to the bestiary of creatures within the game, Mo’ Creatures caters to their needs. Mo’ Creatures adds tons of new mobs to the game, some friendlier than others. Many of the creatures added with this mod are friendly and can even be tamed as pets. However, lots of new animals will attack the player on sight and can cause severe damage to the unequipped traveler.

On the gentle side, Mo’ Creatures adds Ents, giant forest guardians that are immune to most damage and will attract small creatures within their vicinity. They also spawn small plants around them, and they take the shape of a giant tree.  Moles are new creatures that hide underground. They are very shy and will stay away from most mobs. Raccoons are added as well, though they will fight the player if attacked. They can be tamed by given a foodstuff and kept as a pet! New aquatic life is added as well, coming in the form of small and large fish. Players can also now craft fishing nets that will trap fish more efficiently than a fishing pole. Crabs are added as well and can even be tamed with fishing nets. Mantarays, Stingrays, and Jellyfish are included as well. The rays are peaceful creatures, though stingrays and jellyfish can poison the player if they get too close. They can all be tamed with fishnets as well.

Not all of the mobs introduced in Mo’ Creatures are friendly. Some new baddies included are Golems and Mini Golems, powerful creatures that possess ores but can attack the player. Golems are possibly the most fascinating creature added because of their health system. The more damage a Golem takes, the more dangerous it becomes. Also, Golems constantly try to heal themselves by acquiring its composition blocks. While they can pose as a great source of valuable treasure, they also pose as a very threatening force. Wyverns are also added. These are large, dragon-like creatures that fly about and attack the player. They also have a small chance of dropping an egg than can be hatched in the Overworld. Once hatched, these small monsters can be tamed, ridden, and equipped with powerful armor. Many of the creatures also have a functional purpose. Large Mammoths can be saddled and ridden, providing another means of transport for the player. There are also birds added, which allow the player to glide with ease and safety. Of course, there are tons of other mobs added with this immense mod, but you’ll have to check them out for yourself!





Mod Showcase


  • Female Ostriches eggs are no longer sterile. Players must now pick up the eggs in order to hatch them.
  • Bunnies no longer breed in the wild. In order to breed a bunny, players need to feed it a carrot at full health.
  • Fixed Wyverns are not laying eggs.
  • Fixed Pet Amulet glitch with mcMMO.
  • Fixed Pet Amulet glitch with nametags.
  • Fixed Ray grow glitch.
  • Fixed BigGolem dupe glitch.
  • Fixed wyverns, small fish, and medium fish not dropping the correct egg type.

How to install?

  1. Download The Forge Installer.
  2. Make sure to download Minecraft and run the version you are installing forge for at least once!
  3. Then Run the Forge Installer and then select install client form the options.
  4. After it finishes, open up Minecraft and choose the profile “Forge” and login/test
  5. Download the Advanced Genetics Mod
  6. Open up “Run” or In the start menu search bar, type %appdata%
  7. Open the folder Named Roaming, and Then open the .minecraft folder
  8. Drag/copy the Advanced Genetics (jar or zip) files you downloaded into your .minecraft folder (the folder should be named “mods”) If the mods folder is not there create one.
  9. Once that has finished, Open up Minecraft and select the profile “Forge” then login and test if the mods are installed correctly!

Download Links

for Minecraft 1.8 – Requires: Forge 1.8- and CustomMobSpawner 3.4.0

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Requires: Forge and CustomMobSpawner 3.3.0

Credit: DrZhark

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